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Beware Of These Hazards When Walking Your Dog

On March 30, commemorate Take a Walk in the Park Day with your canine companion, but avoid these dangers to ensure a wonderful day. When walking your pet, watch out for the following problems that could arise.


#1: Other dogs

If one dog is reactive and manages to escape their collar, running into another dog might be disastrous. Off-leash dogs that are friendly can also be dangerous since your pet may perceive them as a threat and rush up to greet them. Watch your dog’s body language and keep an eye out for other dogs to make sure they stay calm and relaxed around them. Avoid parks during popular times to prevent probable dog fights between large packs, if at all possible.


#2: Traffic

Keep a close look out for oncoming traffic, including cars, bicycles, and other pedestrians, as you are walking to a park. To avoid accidents, make sure your pet remains near you at all times. A pet on an unlocked retractable or long leash could dart into traffic, clothesline a bike, or wrap around onlookers. If your dog lunges at a squirrel, the leash could also snap.


#3: Parasites

Parks are perfect habitats for fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and intestinal parasites because they teem with potential victims. By giving your pet preventives all year long and regularly examining from nose to tail for hidden bugs when you get home, you can protect them from both internal and exterior parasites.


#4: Wildlife

Your dog will probably find animal burrows, nests, and resting spots while following their nose around the park. While most wild animals will flee when people and pets approach them, others may become hostile to defend their young, food supply, or habitat. Also, it is advisable to avoid disturbing wild animals because they frequently serve as carriers for parasites and diseases.


If you and your pet like to spend time outside, ensure they receive routine preventive treatment to keep them free from parasites and infectious diseases. Call our staff to make an appointment for your pet’s wellness check.