Feline Health Programs

Tailored care and preventive measures to ensure your cat’s well-being, from vaccinations to dietary guidance.

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Welcome to Northern Lakes Veterinary Hospital: Pioneers in Feline Health Programs

Opening the Door to the Purrfect Life for Your Loved Cat-Companion

We at Northern Lakes Veterinary Hospital are cognizant of the unconditional affection you feel for your kitty companion. Your cat is more than simply a pet; they are a member of your family, a source of happiness, and an unending supply of solace. We understand the strong attachment that occurs between people and their feline pets since we are passionate pet parents. Because of this, we have committed to developing extravagant feline health services in Ashland, New Hampshire, that go above and beyond standard veterinarian treatment.

Feline Health Programs

These are core vaccines that we recommend you vaccinate your animal with, but are not mandatory to do. By state law you have to vaccinate your animal with Rabies by the age of 16 weeks. Please contact the office for treatment plans on spaying/castrating your animal.

8 weeks:
• Distemper #1 (booster in 3-4 weeks)
• Feline leukemia test – blood draw done before doing feline leukemia vaccine to make sure animal is tested negative for feline leuk virus and feline immunodeficiency virus.
• Fecal sample

10 weeks:
• Leukemia #1 (booster in 3-4 weeks)

12 weeks:
• Distemper #2 (booster in 3-4 weeks)
• Rabies 1 year

14 weeks:
• Leukemia #2 (final booster)

16 weeks:
• Distemper #3 (final booster)

Join Our Feline Health Family

You pick a partner in your feline friend’s health and pleasure when you entrust their care to Northern Lakes Veterinary Hospital. Together, we can make sure that your cat leads a healthy, happy life. To learn more about our extraordinary feline health programs in Ashland, New Hampshire, get in touch with us right now. We’d love to help your cat on its path to perfection.

Our passion is for your cat’s wellness. Together, let’s compose a happy tale.