Pet Surgical Services

Compassionate procedures, skilled surgeons, and advanced technology for your beloved companion’s health and well-being.

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Expert Pet Surgical Services in Ashland, NH

We at Northern Lakes Veterinary Hospital are cognizant of the close relationship you share with your four-legged family member. We are aware that when your pet has surgery, it may be a very stressful and traumatic moment. That’s why we’re here, committed to offering extraordinary pet surgical services in Ashland, New Hampshire, that put your pet’s welfare first while also putting your mind at ease.

Surgical Services

In addition to general practice services, we provide a vast array of advanced surgical procedures. Our surgical suites are equipped with the latest technologies in veterinary surgery and anesthesia. Surgical procedures are performed Monday through Friday with a drop-off time between 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. Pickup is typically the same day between 4:00 p.m. and 5:30 p.m.

Surgeries we perform include:

  • Spays/Neuters – We suggest spaying or neutering your pet between the ages of 4-7 months. The benefits of spaying your companion include eliminating unwanted pregnancies, preventing diseases such as pyometras and mammary cancer, and eliminate heat cycles. Spaying involves the surgical removal of both ovaries and the uterus. The benefits of neutering your companion include prevention of dog and cat overpopulation, prevent diseases such as prostate and testicular cancer, and eliminates undesirable behaviors. Neutering involves surgical removal of both testicles.
  • Orthopedic Procedures – Orthopedic procedures we offer include ACL (anterior cruciate ligament), luxating patella, repair of fractured bones, FHO (femoral head osteotomy), hindlimb and forelimb amputations, digit amputations, and tail amputations.
  • Abdominal Procedures – Abdominal procedures we offer include splenectomies, GDV (gastric dilatation-volvulus), gastropexy, removal of foreign bodies, and bladder surgeries.
  • Cesarean Section – Also known as a C-Section is the use of surgery to deliver puppies or kittens. Cesarean sections are often necessary when a vaginal delivery would put the baby or mother at risk.
  • Ear Procedures – Ear procedures we offer include aural hematoma repair and medical ear flushes. An aural hematoma is a collection of blood within the cartilage of the ear and the skin. This can be caused from self-inflicted injury or an infection of the external ear canal. An ear flush procedure allows for a medicated cleaning of the ear canal.
  • Additional Soft Tissue Procedures – This includes mass removals, biopsies, and abscess repairs.

Compassion and Expertise Combined

At Northern Lakes Veterinary Hospital, we put more of an emphasis on your pet’s happiness, well-being, and peace of mind than just pet surgery treatments. Our goal is to improve the lives of committed pet owners and their beloved dogs.

Choose Northern Lakes Veterinary Hospital for the skilled treatment that blends technology with the warmth of a committed staff regarding your pet’s surgical requirements. We only provide the most excellent care for your pet since they deserve nothing less.

Please get in touch with us right now to find out more about our Ashland, New Hampshire, pet surgery services. Let us be your dependable companion in safeguarding the well-being of your pet.